Test Result Server (TRS)

Discover the power of the Test Result Server (TRS) by 416 Automation, a web-based system revolutionizing production line monitoring. TRS aggregates data from all your testing equipment (including our competitors’ equipment) into one centralized hub. It offers advanced, real-time actionable information along with insights into your production processes, enabling you to detect issues swiftly and accurately. You can also monitor equipment performance after corrective actions have taken place to ensure that you really fixed the problem.

Comprehensive Data Integration

TRS seamlessly aggregates data from all your testers – including those not designed and manufactured by 416 Automation – into a user-friendly interface, providing a complete view of your EOL testing performance and trends.

Advanced Real-Time Statistics

Gain detailed, station-specific insights with real-time statistics including pass/fail rates, cycle times, error types, and trends.

    Customizable Notifications

    Stay informed with customized real-time email notifications ranging from shift summaries to error-specific alerts and recipe mismatches, ensuring constant oversight and quick response.

    Continuous Feature Development

    Our development team regularly updates TRS with new features, ensuring that your system is up-to-date with our latest and greatest advancements in equipment analysis.

    Test Result Server - TRS