Force Applying Machine (FAM)

Our FAM ensures that each seat’s Occupant Classification System (OCS) accurately detects and classifies the presence of a passenger, a critical factor in the proper deployment of airbags. Utilizing advanced technology, the FAM provides robust and repeatable force application, ensuring accurate calibration of this important vehicle safety system.

Precision Force Application

Equipped with a high-precision z-axis servo, the FAM consistently applies the exact required force to each seat, thanks to our proprietary force application technology which ensures a high level of process repeatability and accuracy. The results are industry-leading process capability scores as well as long-term repeatability and reliability!

Advanced Calibration Capabilities

Our FAM is designed for calibrating Occupant Classification Systems (OCS) and Occupant Detection Systems (ODS) in seats, ensuring that airbags deploy correctly based on the occupant’s weight. It can also be adapted for testing various Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) systems by steadily applying force and measuring the resistance on the SBR mat to determine if it changes state within the weight tolerance that is specified by the OEM.

    Versatile and Future-Proof

    The FAM supports multiple seat models and is adaptable for future seat types and occupancy classification/detection systems, offering unparalleled flexibility.

    Automated Testing Process

    When paired with our automated electrical connection solution, the FAM can operate without an operator. It is also capable of automatically adjusting the load application point based on the type of seat that is being calibrated.

    Force Applying Machine (FAM) in Action