Leak Predictor

Introducing the Leak Predictor by 416 Automation, a sophisticated system engineered to detect and report the slightest leaks in any sealed product. From automotive doors to windshields, our Leak Tester is the epitome of precision, ensuring that only the highest quality products pass your quality control. It’s an indispensable tool for any manufacturer prioritizing impeccable seal integrity in their products.

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

Our Leak Predictor utilizes a cutting-edge array of ultrasonic sensors, capable of detecting the smallest changes in ultrasonic sound levels, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in leak detection.

Customized Solution Design

Reflecting our innovative approach in Electronics PCB Design, this Leak Tester can be customized with over 50 sensors, surpassing the capabilities of standard solutions and tailored to your specific needs.

    Comprehensive Quality Assurance

    With the ability to identify and rectify leaks before final testing, our Leak Predictor plays a crucial role in your quality assurance process, guaranteeing that every product meets your stringent standards.

    Cost-Effective and Supply Chain Independent

    Designed and built in-house, our Leak Predictor offers cost-effectiveness and independence from supply chain fluctuations, ensuring reliable availability and performance.

    Leak Predictor & Tester