Automated Automotive Testing Products

Customized solutions built to your specifications

Our specialized automation products are designed to elevate efficiency and quality in the automotive industry. Our product range includes the advanced Seatbot, End Of Line Tester (EOL), Test Result Server (TRS), and more. Each is tailored to enhance your manufacturing processes with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


Reduce overhead with seat testing automation

End Of Line Tester (EOL)

Test your product to ensure it meets the standards you set

Test Result Server (TRS)

Real-time actionable insights about the state of your equipment.

Force Applying Machine (FAM)

Calibration solution for Aptiv OCS/ODS modules as well as SBR testing.

Leak Predictor

Predict and identify the location of potential leaks in material bonds and installed components.

Auto Connect System

Solution to automate electrical connection to DUT (Device Under Test)

Test Cable

Custom designed and CNC machined test connectors for precise and robust electrical connections