Electrifying Innovations, Engineered to Perfection

Advanced electrical engineering meeting complexity with creativity and functionality

Our expertise lies in unraveling and reimagining complex electrical systems to meet the contemporary needs of the automotive industry. From intricate reverse engineering to designing cutting-edge solutions, we transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring your projects not only succeed but set new standards of excellence.

Tailored Engineering for Unparalleled Results

Technical information can be overwhelming, our electrical engineering team excels in clarity and precision. We specialize in interpreting and distilling complex data into actionable insights.

Whether you are a technical expert or new to this field and the language that comes with it, our approach is designed to align closely with your specific needs. We manage each project with a meticulous eye, ensuring every detail is catered to, from initial concept to final execution.

What you can expect from our Electrical Engineering

Expertise in Reverse Engineering

Expect unparalleled expertise in reverse engineering, where we meticulously analyze and understand products, even without existing documentation. Our team excels in deconstructing complex systems to create effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Adaptive Problem-Solving

Our electrical engineering team thrives in environments where clear instructions are scarce. We skillfully interpret and distill the information provided, no matter how fragmented, ensuring that we uncover and address the core of your technical challenges.

Comprehensive Design and Support

With 416 Automation, you gain a partner who not only designs and tests but also builds comprehensive solutions for your processes and products. Whether it’s supporting equipment lacking manuals or collaborating with major OEMs, our approach is always thorough, innovative, and customer-focused.

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