Product & System Development

416 Automation provides high quality products and systems on-time. Diagnostics and customized test procedures are executed prior to shipping to customer to ensure exceptional deliverables. We provide extensive technical support for all our products and systems, which could include online dial-up access and built-in diagnostics for quick assessment and resolution of system or process-related issues.

We are highly proficient in the areas of:
- Automotive Component Testing
- Automotive Communications
- Machine Vision
- Robotic Automation
- Industrial Automation
- Embedded Systems

Software Development:

We have extensive experience to support your software development needs. We can help you develop a data acquisition system, perhaps a user interface or any other designs that you require. Our projects are well documented and software thoroughly tested prior to release.

Our expertise includes:
- C/C++, C#.NET, Visual Basic
- Database design, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL
- O/S image creation for XP Embedded, QNX, Linux and VxWorks
- PLC programming: Allen Bradley, Beckhoff
- CPLD Programming

Electronics Design:

416 Automation designs and manufactures high-reliability circuit boards and systems for industrial and scientific applications that are qualified to operate under industrial temperature range. Our designs utilize off-the-shelf and/or full custom components.

Our electronics design expertise includes:
- General analog and digital circuit design, simulation, and implementation.
- Embedded computer board design with customer specific interfaces, and subsystems.
- Proof-of-Concept quick-turn prototyping, verification, and validation.
- Switch mode power supply design for DC-DC converters, solid-state lighting, and multi-chemistry chargers.
- Electrical designs of control panels and machine field wiring.

We use the following tools:
- Altium, OrCAD
- Auto-CAD Electrical

Mechanical Design:

We have a fully-equipped machine shop and can offer a full range of machining services including grinding, turning, CNC milling, welding, etc. As well, we can undertake any of your requirements for product finishing and coating.

Our team of certified mechanical engineers and skilled tradesmen can take you from product design to manufacturing and support.

We use SolidWorks 2011 to implement our designs

Firmware Development

We can provide expertise for the following components:
- Microchip PIC
- Atmel AVR
- TI MSP430 microcontroller family
- TI TMS320 series DSPs
- ARM Cortex processors
- Intel X86

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